‣ 2015, May – August
Research Visitor at MuPaE, Queen Mary University of London
Supervised by Prof. Elaine Chew

‣ 2015, 28, Mar
Lecture, “Is There an Idiosyncrasy Threshold in Performance?”
SMART Cognitive Science

‣ 2015, 27, Feb
Lecture, “Computational models of music cognition” Cognitive models of Language and Music
University of Amsterdam

‣ 2014, Sept-Oct
Teaching Assistant and Lecturer Computational Musicology
University of Amsterdam

‣2014, 2-4, Apr
Lecture, “Generating expressive timing by combining rhythmic categories and Lindenmayer systems”, Symposium on Computational Creativity
Society for the study of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour
Goldsmiths,University of London

‣2014, 19-24, Feb
Course Lecturer, “Introduction to MIDI and Audio Software tools for educational use” Curso de Murales Interactivos.
CTIF, Madrid

‣2014, 14, Dec
Lecture, “On the performance and perception of expressive timing” Music Cognition Group, Institute for Logic, Language and Computation,
University of Amsterdam

‣2013, 10, Dec
Presentation, “On the performance and perception of expressive timing” Music Performance and Expression Group
C4DM, Queen Mary, University of London

‣2013, 25-29, Nov
Attendance, “Topics in Music Analysis, Cognition and Synthesis”
Aalborg University in Copenhagen

‣2013, Sep – Nov
Teaching Assistant and Lecturer, “Audio and Music Information Retrieval for Computational Musicology” Computational Musicology
University of Amsterdam

‣2013, 15 – 17, Jun
Lecture, “Where Lindenmayer Systems and Music Perception meet. A Generative Approach”Symposium in Logic, Music and Quantum Information
Palazzo Giugni Fraschetti, Florence

‣2013, 6-7, Jun
Attendance, “3rd International Workshop on Folk Music Analysis”
Meertens Institute, Amsterdam

‣2013, 2-5, May
Research residence, “Octophonic simulation of a bull-roarer physical model”
STEIM, Amsterdam

‣2012, 22, Dec
Lecture, “Workshop on Digital Mastering of Electroacustic Music”
Aula de Música Experimental, Madrid