Site specific Installations

Sound design and algorithm development using an octophonic speakers setup as part of the installation of Christian Thompson. Exhibited at the 2013 Anna Landa Award series./ Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

Composition and sound design using Swarm algorithms for an installation work of Christian Thompson. Exhibited at the 2010 Biennial of Australian Art within the “Before and after science” festival (Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide).

  • Emulating a bee colony in an interactive space / XIM UPF (2011)

Installation using the XIM lab at University Pompeu Fabra. This room provides a complete sensoring system (camera tracking, weight sensitive floor…) and audiovisual feedback (projectors on 4 walls, several loudspeakers…). In collaboration with Imanol Gómez, Heber Pérez, Noé Rodríguez and Álvaro Sarasúa for a subject on “Systems Design, Integration and Control” of the CSIM Master program.